Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

From 2020, the following subjects will become compulsory in applicable schools in England.

- relationship and sex education in primary schools (RSE)
- health education in state funded primary.

These subjects will support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe, equipping them for life as an adult in British society.

Schools are required to provide some relationships and health education to all primary age pupils during the summer term 2021. This year’s RSE teaching will focus on the immediate needs of our pupils and we will be introducing a more comprehensive RSE programme in September 2021.  RSE content will be based on the needs of our pupils, with particular attention to the importance of positive relationships, as well as mental and physical health.

We are currently consulting with parents on the new draft RSE policy and taking the views of a small working party of parents, this has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Please follow the links below to read further information:

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